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Asset Life Extension and Rejuvenation Strategies


Many fixed oil and gas and petrochemical installations in this region are now being operated over 25 years old and for some, well beyond its designed life. Over time, the facility’s infrastructure and equipment suffer from ageing which leads to a deterioration of their condition. This includes structure, piping, instrumentation and electrical systems, rotating equipment and safety critical elements. This can potentially impact a facility’s safety, reliability and fitness-for-service. Toward the end of design life, a decision need be made whether the facility is fit for service or not. Often, the decision taken is to extend the life of the facility and therefore asset rejuvenation strategy need to be developed.


This presentation reviews the elements in a building an asset rejuvenation strategy based on research and industry practices. These elements are philosophy of asset life health and extension, stages of asset life, asset rejuvenation elements, asset rejuvenation drivers, decision matrix and life-cycle costing.


Abstract from our 9th Reliability, Asset Management and Safety Asia (RAMS) Conference presentation, April 2016.


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Pure Integrity & Education


At Pure Integrity, we believe in developing and educating our future generations. To achieve this, we have developed learning modules to teach kids engineering basics.  The modules are designed to be safe, fun and practical, and encourages kids to be creative.


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Electrical & Instrumentation


In addition to providing consulting services in the areas of HSE, Process Safety and Reliability, Pure Integrity also offers Electrical and Instrumentation engineering, construction and maintenance services through our sister company TME FIVE Sdn Bhd. We have experience executing projects for clients in the oil & gas, power and general process industries. This includes:


  • Construction (Plant, substation, auxiliary rooms)
  • Project engineering
  • IPF/SIL Testing (Tx, SIS, Final Elements)
  • Control Valve/TSO Valve Testing
  • Fire & Gas system installation and maintenance
  • Transformer Installation and maintenance
  • Electrical grounding
  • Lightning protection




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