At Pure Integrity, our HSE vision is to have no accidents at the workplace, no harm to people and minimal impact to the environment due to our business activities. Pure Integrity is specialized in the areas of Process Safety, Engineering and Operations Excellence. It is the aim of our organization to strive towards a HSE standard of excellence throughout the implementation of our business objectives. The following elements constitute the heart of our commitment to continuously improve our HSE performance and to add value to our clients:


Our beliefs are that:


  1. Safety is priority and non-negotiable.
  2. Health and Safety at work is our responsibility with accountability across all levels of the organisation.
  3. Risks are identified and managed where they have the potential to cause an accident, injury to people, or unacceptable impacts on the environment or the community.
  4. Employees at all levels are empowered to address unsafe or hazardous situations.


Our Pledge is to:


  1. Provide a safe workplace and system of work to prevent accident and injury to people.
  2. Prevent pollution, minimize energy consumption and waste generation.
  3. Increase employee HSE awareness and safe behavior.
  4. Comply with relevant HSE legislation and requirements.





At Pure Integrity, we are committed to meeting our clients’ needs and expectations. We strive to achieve our vision by committing to quality work, meeting established values, continually improving our standards and adding value to our clients’ business activities.


Our management system aims to make sure that:


  1. We ensure clarity in understanding our client’ needs and expectations.
  2. We systematically plan our activities to meet our clients’ needs.
  3. We identify, evaluate and manage potential risks.
  4. Work is carried out safely by competent, authorized and where required, certified employees.
  5. If we fail to meet our clients’ expectations, we will quickly take action to put the matter right.
  6. The products and services we provide are technically sound and shall deliver the expected results.
  7. We value feedback gathered from our clients and respond to them quickly to improve our work.
  8. We strive to ensure that the organization’s management system complies to the requirements set by recognized international standards or industry best practices.