Pure Integrity is a Malaysian company providing a range of technical services and products for the oil and gas, as well as the power and process industries.


We consist of three main divisions:


  • Technical Services (HSE, Process Safety, Asset Integrity, etc.)
  • Automation (SIS, Turbomachinery Control)
  • Electrical & Instrumentation (Installation and Maintenance)


We bring experience from major oil and gas players to deliver effective and practical solutions in maintaining equipment integrity as well as executing process safety programs. Our skill in the field of operations, maintenance and engineering enables us to identify gaps and opportunities, assist in creating solutions and improve a site’s safety, integrity and reliability standards.


The founders of Pure Integrity are experts in their engineering discipline having worked with major oil and gas companies and consultancies. They have experience in engineering, projects, technical safety, maintenance and operations.
















A Better & Safer Place


At Pure Integrity, we believe that all of us have a responsibility towards making this world a better and safer place. Hence, as part of our company’s DNA, a portion of our profit will always be donated to good causes such as schools, community programs, orphanages and disaster relief. With this, we hope families and communities will be empowered to build a better and brighter future. For us, this truly brings greater meaning to the work we do everyday.

Al-Jazari Fun Science is a division of Pure Integrity that provides Science and Engineering programmes for children in Primary and Secondary school. Al-Jazari Fun Science focuses on learning through doing. For more info, visit www.aljazarifunscience.com.



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